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Istituto Marangoni

the next generation of fashion industry professionals are created by istituto marangoni find out how you can join them

Istituto Marangoni

the world's most prestigious fashion school offers leading fashion programmes to promising talent read more

Istituto Marangoni

istituto marangoni students have the opportunity to master their craft in the three world fashion capitals: london, paris or milano read more

international foundation year in fashion

our foundation programme is specially designed for international students who want to make the successful transition to an undergraduate degree at istituto marangoni. It will further your understanding of fashion and design, giving you the necessary skills to progress to your chosen degree with confidence.

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founded 77 years ago, istituto marangoni has played an integral role in the growth and cultivation of the fashion and design industry. Every year, over two thousand students representing 90 different nationalities meet at istituto marangoni to pursue one common dream: a career in fashion.

with campuses located in the three world fashion capitals: london; paris and milano, istituto marangoni is committed to developing the competence, professionalism and creativity of young talents.

the istituto marangoni international study centre, situated in the east end of london, provides bespoke fashion school preparation for international students who want to follow a career in fashion. by studying a fashion studies international foundation year, you can access a wide range of courses in fashion and design. students studying the foundation programme are taught by highly experienced industry experts who are passionate about nurturing talent.

once you have completed the foundation programme and achieved the necessary entry requirements, you'll have the opportunity to study in london, paris or milano.

studying at istituto marangoni can open doors to the world's pre-eminent fashion houses. In 2011, the careers service secured over 500 placements at European fashion companies including burberry, moschino, dolce & gabbana and vivienne westwood.

The who's who of istituto marangoni's graduates is enhanced every year by internationally celebrated names in the fashion industry such as franco moschino and domenico dolce.