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Marangoni student diaries: Gabriella

International Study Centre student Gabriella in London

Gabriella completed the Foundation Year at Istituto Marangoni. In this video, she tells us where she is from, what classes are like, and what's fun to do in London.

The International Study Centre also asked Gabriella some general questions about life as a fashion student in London. This is what she said.

what are your top 3 tips for living in Shoreditch, London?

  1. It is expensive! Keep track of your spending.
  2. Leave extra time when travelling, there are often delays.
  3. Always bring an umbrella with you.

what do you like to do in the weekends?

On the weekend, I go out exploring on Saturday, either to another part of England or to a gallery or museum. On Sundays I stay in and recuperate from the week and complete my coursework for the following week. The last place I went with friends (from back home) was Paris! We spent the weekend there.

what is the best thing about being a fashion student?

The best thing about being a fashion student is you can wear whatever you like because you are a fashion student.Tell that to anyone who questions your outfit.

what is going to be the next biggest trend?

What I predict to be the next big trend is something techno, glittery or neon.

who is your fashion idol?

My fashion idol is Rihanna. Her outfits are sometimes absolutely crazy, but I really appreciate how creative they are.

what is your best advice to anyone who wants to study fashion at Istituto Marangoni in London?

Find your niche. Find places that feel familiar to you, but also do things you don’t normally do. If you get homesick, you friends and family are just a call away. Also, have fun! Not everyone gets to study in another country.


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