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Marangoni student diaries: Rebecca

Istituto Marangoni ISC student running on the beach

Rebecca from Indonesia is one of the students at the International Study Centre who share experiences of studying fashion in London and exploring the country.

These are the latest tips about living and studying in the UK.

Student collage of studying fashion in London

what are your top 3 tips for living in Shoreditch, London?

  1. Enjoy your time as a student, even you have a lot of schoolwork, but try to manage your time between school and your social life outside the school. London is such a nice city, you will find a lot of friends from different countries with different cultures too.
  2. Save your money, especially if you still live on your parent’s money. For me, studying here is really expensive because of the currency difference.
  3. Join another community outside of our school. When you make more friends you will feel more like home here, and it also helps you when you get homesick. It's important having people that you can trust and feel comfortable around.

what do you like to do in the weekends?

It depends on my mood and the weather too. If I have had really busy week and have had not enough time to sleep, I will stay in for the whole weekend. But, if I don't have much to do during my weekdays, and the weather is also good during weekend, this is the time for me to explore London. I usually go to the park, a museum, a market, and sometimes just go out and hangout with my friends outside from school.

The last place that I went with my friends was Cambridge, which is when I had my long weekend. We went to Cambridge for a day trip during the Bank Holiday. It was really fun, and while studying in London it’s good that you can visit another cities in the UK. Travelling here is not that expensive, you can just take train or bus.

what is the best thing about being a fashion student?

The best thing to be a fashion student for me is that you can dress  in whatever you want. You can express yourself more when you dress up, especially you live here in London, one of the biggest fashion cities in the world.

what is going to be the next biggest trend?

In my opinion, probably for this summer, it will be big patterns on clothes, with bright colours like yellow, green, light blue, and many more. I saw some luxury brand has started to make big patterns from floral things and combine it with a bright colour. Other fashion brands like Zara have also started making big floral patterns with bright colours.

who is your fashion idol?

My fashion idol is Jenn Im. She is working as a YouTuber and also fashion blogger. I like her style: it’s really unique and not too hipster.

what is your best advice to anyone who wants to study fashion at Istituto Marangoni in London?

Never turn back from what you have already chosen, and fight for it until the end.


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