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Our students

Student Katherine from Panama

"I want to have my own business after I graduate. Istituto Marangoni has a good team of teachers who can teach me what I need to succeed. What makes the [ISC] experience even more interesting is the opportunity to meet so many people of different nationalities and learn from them as well."

Katherine, Panama
Foundation Year

ISC student Jihao Yang testimonial

"I really enjoyed the ISC foundation course, especially the tutors who are very helpful, knowledgeable and also strict. They really pushed me to challenge myself in each subject. I learned a lot about art, culture and some digital skills, such as photoshop. Studying at the ISC taught me to look at things with a different perspective and how to capture inspirations from our daily lives. Also visual and technical design basics have been useful for me to progress into fashion business in Istituto Marangoni - it gave me a competitive advantage over other classmates."

Jihao, China
Foundation Year

ISC student Menirah Alsuhaimi testimonial

"London gives you so many opportunities to see and do things. It’s a city that you wont fail to explore but it something easy to get familiar with. London is filled with many creative people with imagination levels that can’t be beaten. You are able to meet people with different cultures who come from different parts of the world."

Menirah, Singapore
Foundation Year

ISC student Muriel Jirom testimonial

"Studying at the ISC will help me to develop my understanding in fashion and provide me the support that I need for my fashion degree. The teachers are great, friendly and helpful. My favourite place to study is the library because it has a range of fashion books."

Muriel, Malaysia
Foundation Year

ISC student Gabriela Yassuda tesimonial

"Once I decided I wanted to study Fashion Design, choosing Istituto Marangoni was definitely the first of my steps towards my career. I always knew the huge influence Istituto Marangoni has in the fashion industry and how graduates from this school are proud to be Istituto Marangoni alumni. In addition, a high percentage of alumni are able to get outstanding jobs."

Gabriela, Brazil/Italy/USA
Foundation Year

"Istituto Marangoni focuses on fashion and only fashion and provides a comfortable learning environment. The teachers and the students are all very friendly and the interaction is good."

Steven, Dubai
Foundation Year

Melvina Aprillia Student Story

"We learn the basics here so we have a very strong foundation for our future careers and we are networking with people that have the same aims as us. London is fun, the people are very friendly. It's a new culture which makes you a stronger person."

Melvina, Indonesia
Foundation Year

Neha Nizam Student Story

"I searched a lot of universities and this university focuses on just fashion. It’s a very nice vibe you get studying here. The location of the university in the city is just amazing. When you walk from my accommodation to the university you get inspired so much."

Neha, India
Foundation Year

"I chose Istituto Marangoni because of its strong reputation in the fashion industry, it is one of the top ten fashion universities in the world and many fashion designers have graduated from here."

Dana, Kazakhstan
Foundation Year

 ISC student Yusuke Kozu testimonial

"I think that London is the best place to study fashion. It is amazing because of the culture, the museums and galleries. I can learn a lot of things here and expand my creativity. But also learn management and presentation skills."

Yusuke, Japan
Foundation Year

"Since I want to study fashion design, the foundation course helps me learn about materials, colours, textures and many new techniques, which I will be using in the future. It enhances the skills required for fashion design. The assignments are related to the stream you choose, which gives you an insight into what you will be doing in your BA programme."

Aakanksha, India
Foundation Year

Candice Fraisse Student Story

"I chose to study at Istituto Marangoni because I’ve always been fond of fashion and Istituto Marangoni has a wide range of different subjects related to it. The ISC is great because it gives you a little more time to think, and I like to discover different options and subjects that I would never have thought about otherwise."

Candice, France
Foundation Year

ISC student Stina testimonial

"I chose Istituto Marangoni because it is located in an exciting part of central London. I adore the location of the school, the building in which we study, the atmosphere, the teachers and our assignments."

Stina, Sweden
Foundation Year