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foundation year

Please note: our last intake was January 2019

the first step towards a career in fashion

The Foundation Year gives participants the time, tools and experience to choose the course that best suits their skills and abilities. The programme comprises fashion and design related subjects, English language and study skills, and a careers service. Taught over three terms, it challenges participants to develop their ideas and skills with creative projects and practical techniques.

the course

This one year foundation course prepares participants for entry onto any of the three year creative undergraduate programmes. Over the course of the year, participants are offered exciting new challenges that will improve their critical independent thinking, develop their skills and help them identify where their true passion lies. Specialist pathways in the areas of fashion, art and design are taught through creative projects and practical techniques.

Participants gain a solid base in Istituto Marangoni training methods and experience the intensive learning approach that is required in order to successfully follow one of the full-time three year undergraduate programmes. The Foundation Year 1 course involves an in-depth study of analytical principles and techniques for exploration and research in fashion, design and art contexts as well as analysing and investigating the materials used in each area. Particular attention is dedicated to various key disciplines, for example; methods in mixed media, sewing and decoupage, creative research, digital design and visual art studies.

The fashion course also covers presentation skills, an introduction to the history of fashion, art and design, together with analyses of the fashion, luxury and creative industries. Attention is given to developing an individual approach to creative expression and to conceptual thinking which participants are then able to develop further in their chosen undergraduate course. Academic discipline is at the heart of the syllabus and is supported with English language study skills, concentrating on the communication of ideas in both verbal and written format.

Concluding with a portfolio of work, participants have the knowledge and information they need to be able to make an informed choice on which three year undergraduate course best suits their skills, passions and abilities, and are able to engage in full-time undergraduate level study from a solid foundation.

learning focus

  • Analyses of key disciplines covering fashion, art and creative industries
  • Communication in design
  • Drawing and mixed media design
  • Materials and processes in fashion, art and design
  • The fashion, luxury and creative industries
  • Study support skills and language
  • The history of fashion, art and design
  • Key business skills

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*Subject to change


To help students to fulfil their career ambitions, we have integrated a careers service into the Foundation Year. This is designed to help each student to become a confident, highly skilled and extremely employable graduate.